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Janak Padhya - Hindu Priest & Astrologer

Janak Padhya is from India and comes from a generation of Audichya Shastra Brahmin priest's family. Priest Janak Padhya is originally from Siddhpur, Gujarat. He has keen interest in Hindu prayers and worship of lord shiva from his childhood. His knowledge of vedic prayer mantras has been handed down to him from his learned ancestors & gurus.

Priest Janak Padhya is a independent full time Hindu priest serving in Portland Oregon area. He performs various hindu religious pujas, Yagna, Havan, Ho-mam, other vedic ritual etc. He recite the verses in sanskrit with an explanation in English, Gujarati & also in Hindi if required at various stages of the ceremony.

He perform a 'silent' Hindu wedding ceremony where he recite the verses in Sanskrit with an explanation in English, Gujarati & also in Hindi if required at various stages of the ceremony. This allows the couple and the guests to understand the reasons for each part of the ceremony and allows everyone to be a witness to the marriage and give the due respect the spiritual ceremony.

He conduct various Hindu ceremonies, in particular his specialize in Hindu wedding ceremonies. His goal is to always deliver a wedding ceremony service from the heart, in uniting more than just two people, but in bringing two families together by providing an understanding of the meaning of the marriage and explaining the sanctity of the vows.

He offers the best Indian Hindu priest Services in Portland Oregon, USA. He can traveled all over in USA for any priest service. Janak Padhya is a well-established vastu pujan and other vedic puja 15 years experience.